Romanian Model United Nations

Diplomacy, passion, leadership: Join us in global engagement

Why join us?

Joining our Model UN club offers numerous benefits. It provides a platform to develop public speaking, negotiation, and research skills in a simulated diplomatic setting. You'll gain insights into global issues, enhance your understanding of international relations, and build valuable connections with like-minded peers. Additionally, participating in the Romanian Model UN club, can broaden your perspective, foster teamwork, and prepare you for future academic or professional pursuits in diplomacy, politics, or law.
Insight into diplomatic professions

Get a glimpse into various diplomatic professions. Engage in discussions with experts, giving you valuable insights into the diverse paths you can take within the diplomatic field.

Networking opportunities

Connect with like-minded people who share a passion for diplomacy. Forge valuable connections with diplomatic professionals and mentors who can provide insights and guidance on pursuing a diplomatic career.

Simulate UN sessions with us

Dive into compelling, simulated UN sessions meticulously designed to mirror real United Nations scenarios. Challenge yourself by navigating through complex diplomatic dilemmas, honing critical thinking and analytical skills crucial for future diplomatic professionals.

Learn to negociate

At the Romanian Model UN Club, members hone their negotiation skills through immersive simulations and diplomatic exercises, preparing them for real-world diplomacy. Through engaging debates and role-playing scenarios, participants learn to navigate complex international issues and forge consensus within a diplomatic framework

Learn about international affairs

Learning about international affairs at the Romanian Model UN club offers a dynamic platform for students to engage in diplomatic simulations and deepen their understanding of global issues. Through debates and negotiations, participants gain practical insights into diplomacy while fostering cross-cultural understanding and collaboration.

Enhanced public speaking abilities

One of the key aspects of the Romanian Model UN Club is the opportunity to speak in front of others. Whether it's delivering speeches, negotiating resolutions, or participating in moderated caucuses, you'll refine your public speaking skills in a supportive environment.

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